Humans Are Vain is a Premium Swedish brand that fuses the latest vegan sustainable materials and innovative methods with timeless contemporary design. Our sustainable and recycled materials are what defines us and products made from such materials as apple leather and recycled plastic ocean trash can be found throughout our collection.

Humans Are Vain Web Concept
Humans Are Vain Content Page Concept

What do we do?

We started working with Humans Are Vain in  2020. The first part of the project was a full review of the website and also a digital marketing strategy for the brand.

Following this, we created the first paid marketing campaigns for social. Introducing the brand into the U.K market direct to customers for the first time.

In order to grow brand awareness and organic traffic, we created a series of content pieces around specific keywords and topics.

For all of these campaigns we have provided:
  • New Website Concept
  • Landing page copy
  • Landing page layout
  • Paid search and social copy